In Honor of Greg Flint

In March of 2011 the Flushing community lost a great man, Greg Flint. His life was cut short due to an unexpected heart attack at work. He left his mark on this community with his passion for running. His family, friends and community are coming together again to organize the “Run like a Wildebeest” road race to honor him and help give back to the community he so loved.

Greg found running later in life, but he fell in love and he fell hard. His passion took him to many race venues where all who had the pleasure of crossing his path felt his enthusiasm and energy. His affinity for the sport is evident in his family’s lives as well. Even Greg’s wife and three kids run. Greg had an amazing sense of humor and a zeal for life. He is greatly missed.

Greg joked with his best friend and running buddy about forming a “Run like a Rabid Wildebeest Club.” Great name for a race! Well, Greg, this one’s for you!

Please join us in helping to carry on Greg’s memory and his passion for running.

Greg Flint running

In Honor of Greg Flint

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